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Jeff Freedman

Way too much spam in my blog!

March 20, 2012, by Jeff, category General

Ok gang, so I know I haven’t exactly posted in a while but I’ve been very busy at work. On thing that’s been making me insane, however, is the amount of spam comments I’ve been getting on this simple blog. I mean, really? I get enough spam in my email boxes every day and now I’ve got to content with this junk. So I’ve done a few things to counteract the spam:

  • I’ve trashed all comments (approved and pending) to date. ¬†Sorry if you were a real human being trying to make a real contribution.
  • I’ve installed Akismet (
  • I’ve installed a Captcha ( plug-in on my blog. ¬†Sorry, I hate them too, but I hate spam more.

I’ll try to get back to real posting soon.

So, what do you think ?